When can a player be kicked from a game?

When can a player be kicked from a game?

When can a player be kicked from a game?

  1. In non-rated games and for non-rated players, a majority vote by the other players can result in a player being kicked.
  2. Hosts can kick bots (AI players) at any time.
  3. The host can kick anyone before the game starts with no penalty for the kicked player.
  4. Rated players can be kicked with a majority vote before the game starts with no stalling requirement.
  5. Rated players can be kicked if they are considered to be stalling. Stalling is defined as being inactive for a certain amount of time and only applies to rated games. The rules for stalling vary depending on the game being played.

For Backgammon:

Stalling is defined as a current turn lasting longer than 2 minutes, and a player can be kicked by another player with 1 vote.

For Hearts/Spades/Euchre (trick games) s
talling is defined as:
  1. a current turn lasting longer than 1 minute, or
  2. the cumulative time of the last 5 turns being longer than 90 seconds, or
  3. a current turn lasting longer than 4 minutes, in which case 2 votes are required to kick a player.

    It's worth noting that guides and staff cannot be kicked from a game.

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