Understanding the "TRAM" Feature

Understanding the "TRAM" Feature


This knowledge base article aims to clarify the purpose and function of the "TRAM" button in our Spades game. It will provide an explanation of when and why the button appears, how it works, and its benefits to players. "TRAM" stands for "The Rest Are Mine" in regards to taking the tricks.

What is the "TRAM" Button?

The "TRAM" button is a feature in our Spades game designed to streamline gameplay and save time. It appears when the game system determines that a player is guaranteed to win all the remaining tricks based on their current hand and the state of play.

How Does the "TRAM" Button Work?

  1. System determination: The game system evaluates the player's hand, the cards that have been played, and the remaining cards in the game. If it determines that a player is guaranteed to win all the remaining tricks, the "TRAM" button appears.

  2. Player notification: The appearance of the "TRAM" button serves as a notification to the player that they are guaranteed to win all the remaining tricks in the hand.

  3. Automatic trick allocation: When the player presses the "TRAM" button, the game automatically awards them all the remaining tricks without playing out the rest of the hand. This saves time and keeps the game moving at a faster pace.

Benefits of the "TRAM" Button

  1. Time-saving: The "TRAM" button helps save time by eliminating the need to play out the remaining tricks when a player is guaranteed to win them all.

  2. Streamlined gameplay: The automatic allocation of remaining tricks when the "TRAM" button is pressed keeps the game moving at a steady pace and maintains player engagement.


The "TRAM" button is a helpful feature in our Spades game that streamlines gameplay and saves time by automatically awarding a player all remaining tricks when they are guaranteed to win them.

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