Rude/Abusive players

Rude/Abusive players

As we all know the internet is full of all sorts of people and many of them seem less inhibited about their thoughts.    Sometimes we just would prefer not to hear those thoughts, I mean, really  can't they just keep those things in their heads. LOL.

Tip number 1.  Don't feed the Trolls.   If someone is trying to get a rise out of you, don't give them that satisfaction.   There is nothing more painful for a troll than not being recognized.   It feels counter intuitive, but always keep that in mind.  Also often times if you get into a fight with a troll, they are trying to lure you out to deep water so that your reaction is more apt to bring the ire of a guide.  Trolls don't care if they get silenced for 5 or 10 mins, but  they know you will.  So don't let them drag you in.

If the comments are beyond the pale, feel free to file a report, as that not only alerts us to take a look but also goes into their record which is very helpful for us when trying to see a pattern.  We then will take a variety of remedies to try to curb their toxic behavior or removing them from the site altogether.

We also empower YOU to take immediate action.
1) tap on their name an choose "ignore" this block all their chat.
2) do the same thing, but choose "dislike", this blocks that person from joining games you host.

In both case this goes into their record for other considerations.

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