Forgot my sign-in name or password

Forgot my sign-in name or password

As long as the email is still valid on your usernames you can use this link to recover them:

To reset the password you can use this link:
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      If you have old usernames you no longer need showing up in your drop-down list when using the sign in box, you can remove them by either right clicking or long pressing them. 
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      Select Your “MainUserName” Select Account Settings. Select Add Names.        You’ll arrive at a website that looks like this.  Your MainUserName is in the left slot.  The two right slots are for equipping alternate user names.        Click on Add ...
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      If you need to recover an old version unlock key, you can do so here: If that doesn't work for you, submit a support ticket with the follow to help us look it up. Current Email:       Email (at signup):       First ...
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      When you purchase an avatar, backgrounds and other DLC, they aren't automatically applied.   They become available to use, but you need to go pick them.  You'll find most of those items under "options". Another thing to keep in mind, is that items ...