Problems connecting to the game

Problems connecting to the game

When you can't connect to the Hardwood games online servers its usually one of 3 things:

But first, the best thing to do is restart your device, so that we're starting fresh.    If the problem persists, continue...
1  )  A rare temporary server down time.  Try back in a few minutes
2 ) Your internet might be offline.  Turn it back on.
3)  Your account has been banned (You'll see a message to that effect if thats the case)
4 ) most commonly, it's an issue where your connection is being blocked by a firewall.

Troubleshooting a firewall situation.
FIrewalls  are a type of internet traffic filter, and sometimes they are set up so that they block even our games connection.

If you are on a device with multiple ways go connect to the internet, say Wifi, Ethernet, and/or Cell Data, try switching to a different connection.  This can help you deduce what connection may be firewalled.

Firewalls, are typically either on your Router ( the traffic gatekeeper between you and the internet)  or a personal firewall on your device itself.   Check your firewall and allow our game traffic to come through.

These are the ports that need to be open for the games to connect:

Spades: and Port # 4000
Euchre: and Port # 4001
Hearts: and Port # 4002
Backgammon: and Port # 4004
Video Poker Duel and Solitaire use standard ports: https port 443, and  http port 80 

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