Backgammon: Why does my opponent get doubles so much?

Backgammon: Why does my opponent get doubles so much?

In Backgammon, when you roll doubles, that also doubles the dice.  So if you rolled two 5's you get four 5's that turn.

The odds of rolling a double are 1 in 6.    thats because a die has 6 sides, so if you roll one die, say a 5, the odds of the the next die landing with a 5 is on it 6 sides of that die.

now, our game standard die roller has no concept of who's sitting where, and hence has no way to provide a benefit to any player.  nor would we as a matter of principle.   We do all we can to make sure things are as random as possible, and its far more random than real life.

Whats most likely happening is that we tend to notice wired events more than standard events.  for example you might not recall what color a car was you are parked behind at a red light, but you have a much more clear memory of the color of car that ran through the red light.      Our best guess is thats whats happening here more or less.

It is possible to go through a whole game with no doubles, sure.  but over the long haul randomness gets closer and closer to matching what we expect statistically.  And whenever we check this stuff, it in line with what we would expect and its fair.

So if things aren't turning your way,  maybe the next game will.  Alternatively you also might be playing a player that is setting themselves up better to take advantage of doubles when they get them, and are better at blocking your plays by getting your piece out of play where your turn might have to be skipped if you don't roll something that works.

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